Flu Vaccination Under 65s with Underlying Health Conditions

This report presents the views of individuals aged under 65 with underlying health conditions, living in the London Borough of Bexley, regarding their thoughts and knowledge of the flu vaccine.
Vaccine Syringe

Healthwatch Bexley worked with the South East London Clinical Commissioning Group (SEL CCG) Head of Communications and Engagement for Bexley to compile a structured survey which was used to engage with residents.  A survey was designed to investigate the potential barriers for the uptake of the flu vaccine in the borough and we also conducted two focus groups.  At the time this work was commissioned, local uptake rates were below the recommended levels across the borough.

The key areas our research covered were:

  • Awareness of the “Just the Flu” campaign.
  • The rates of uptake of the Flu vaccination.
  • Reasons for not having the Flu vaccination
  • Concerns around Covid-19 and the safety of healthcare environments.

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