Patient Participation Group Audit Report

Read the findings and recommendations following our audit of Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) in Bexley on behalf of the Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).
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Patient participation groups represent a collaborative relationship between patients, Practices and the GPs.

Patient engagement and participation is an important aspect to ensure good quality care that meets the need of the local patient population. PPGs play a key role in fostering communication between the Practices and its patient population, which contributes to continuous improvement and enhanced patient care. PPGs can also provide practical support for Practices, for example by promoting the flu jab and self-care, and help to implement change.

We carried out an audit with the purpose of engaging with Practices and their PPGs, to identify what type of PPG they have in place and how they operate.

Key Findings

  • Overall, the majority of Practices value their PPGs and that PPGs contribute to service improvements and enhanced quality of care.
  • There are good examples of Practices and PPGs working collaboratively in addressing patient feedback and concerns, whilst promoting new initiatives and services amongst the wider patient population.
  • The majority of PPGs stated that they have a clear understanding of their roles. However, when asked about support and guidance to carry out their roles, the majority of PPGs and Practices expressed a need for more guidance and support from the Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) on how to operate.
  • Practices and PPGs expressed not being sure what expectations Bexley CCG have on them and many were not aware of the national guidance to support PPGs in their role. 


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