Covid-19 Vaccine Uptake Re-Visit Report

This report looks at the reasons residents give for choosing not to be vaccinated and explores what motivates residents to be vaccinated, risk perception, their experience going through the process from booking a vaccine to receiving a vaccine.
Woman receiving a vaccination

A report published by Healthwatch Bexley in February 2021 indicated that certain groups of the population may be less likely to be vaccinated. Concerns about vaccine confidence in these groups are an important issue both nationally and at a local level. 

The February Healthwatch Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Report recommended that more research was needed to understand the reasons certain groups were less likely to be vaccinated. It was hoped that this insight would allow any concerns and questions to be addressed through targeted communications and engagement that may increase vaccine confidence and ultimately lead to vaccination.  

The Local Authority developed and undertook a comprehensive series of targeted communication and engagements to engage with residents less likely to be vaccinated, exploring vaccine confidence in a non-judgemental way. Healthwatch Bexley was commissioned to carry out “deep dives” exploring the reasons why certain groups of residents may not want to be vaccinated.  

As part of this commissioned work, we were also asked to rerun a version of our previous Covid-19 vaccine survey. The aim was to see if views had changed from our original report after the committed communication and engagement program carried out by the Local Authority. 

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Covid-19 Vaccine Uptake Re-Visit Report

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