Annual Report 2018/2019

Our annual report shows how our team of volunteers and staff have been at the forefront of changes brought about in the health and social care services, bringing local voices and experiences to the attention of decision makers.
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Perhaps our biggest achievement this year is the impact of our Look and Listen report. Our report identified problems people with learning disabilities were having accessing GP services in the borough. We have worked tirelessly over the last year to improve care across the board for people.
— Rikki Garcia - Advisory Board Chair

We have been particularly pleased to see changes for local residents as a result of our work. This has been achieved by:

  • Meeting and talking to more than 3,800 local residents at local events in Bexley
  • Making 37 recommendations the the local Clinical Commissioning Group, Local Authority, GP Practices and other services on how to make improvements
  • Visiting over 165 services and community events
  • Engaging with over 2,000 people through our website and social media

Key findings through our reports

  • Since the completion of our Look and Listen report a dedicated learning disability lead GP has been appointed, and three health care professionals are now responsible for increasing the uptake and carrying out annual health checks.  Health checks may also be promoted in the form of an annual health check week.
  • We were were pleased to carry out an audit of Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) on behalf of Bexley CCG.  We visited practice managers and PPG members at 26 local practices, to establish a baseline for the current PPG landscape by identifying which practices have a PPG and how they operate.  The recommendations for the CCG predominately related to increasing their communication and engagement with PPGs by appointing a dedicated person to support PPGs throughout the process of starting up and performing their roles.

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Annual Report 2018/2019

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