Multiple Providers - Personal Choice within Care Homes in Bexley

The aim of this enter and view was to engage with residents within care homes to find out to what extent they feel they have choice and influence over every day matters within their environment.
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We chose and identified eight care homes with residential units within Bexley. The care homes were situated in the north, south and west of the borough.

We talked to residents about personal choice and to what extent they felt included and actively involved in every day matters. The questions asked generally related to experiences of:

  • Choice in bedtime and morning routine, clothing and personal appearance.
  • Meaningful activities, including entertainment, hobbies and religious services.
  • Access to community networks and days out.
  • Overall satisfaction with care, support and help from staff
  • Suggestions for improvements

Key Findings

  • The majority of residents like living in their residential home
  • Entertainment was provided in every care home and the majority of residents stated that entertainment was available, with varied opinions on how often entertainment took place and just over half of the residents stated they enjoyed it.
  • Residents said they had a hobby before they moved into their residential home. Over a third reported being able to continue with their hobby at the care home.
  • Approximately a third of residents access church/religious services.
  • A significant proportion of residents choose what time they go to bed at night, whilst only a small percentage stated they did not have a choice.
  • Around two thirds of residents choose what time they get up in the morning.
  • The majority of residents expressed having a choice in relation to personal appearance.
  • Three quarters of residents are satisfied with the food and the choices available.
  • A third of residents said they have been out of the care home for an event/day out, predominately accompanied by a family member, whereas 23% of residents said they cannot recall last time they were taken out.  


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