What to expect when visiting Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust are doing everything they can to keep patients safe - it is vital people attend their appointments.
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Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust is running a campaign to let local people know about the measures the Trust is taking to keep patients safe when they come to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, University Hospital Lewisham or community sites for their healthcare appointments.

We've found that lots of people are understandably nervous and are not coming in for appointments - this is obviously very worrying and could lead to people developing further health problems. To address this, we have produced a short film covering all the steps we're doing to keep people safe.
— Jo Peck, Deputy Chief Nurse
Caring For You Safely at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The steps the Trust is taking to keep patients safe include:

  • Seeing patients coming in for planned day case services in dedicated parts of both hospitals - well away from any patients who may be receiving treatment for Covid-19. At the time of writing, we just have two patients with confirmed Covid-19 across both hospitals.
  • Screening, all staff and patients in elective areas for Covid-19 on a daily basis by checking their temperature. 
  • Giving patients a test for Covid-19 three days before surgery – we then only proceed with the surgery if the results come back negative. 
  • Requiring all patients for planned treatment to self-isolate for a period of time before coming in for treatment. 
  • Requiring patients to wear face coverings and staff to wear masks.

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