What do you think of pharmacies in the London Borough of Bexley?

Our local pharmacies offer an essential service that we all use and that many vulnerable people in our Borough depend on. It’s therefore important that we ensure they are meeting the needs of everyone in Bexley.
young woman working in pharmacy

Every three years Bexley Council undertakes an assessment of pharmacy services to understand what is working well and identify areas that need improvement.

They now want to hear what you think about pharmacy services and about your experiences of them so that they can ensure they meet the health needs of everyone living in the London Borough of Bexley.

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Closing date for this questionnaire is 4th February 2022.

All information provided in the questionnaire is confidential.

The survey can also be completed on a mobile phone or fill in a paper copy which you can pick up at your local library.

Alternatively, other formats of the questionnaire are available upon request. Please contact Soar Beyond Tel: 01442 927 972 Email: info@soarbeyond.co.uk

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