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Your spotlight on local services

Youth Champion’s

Youth Champion’s Emotional Wellbeing Workshop

Healthwatch Bexley and Mind in Bexley visited Welling School on Friday 8th September. 16 school ambassadors took part in an Emotional Wellbeing Workshop that aimed to explore young people’s understanding of Emotional Wellbeing and how important it is to look after their emotional health.

The session looked at how to recognises some of the warning signs of friends; who may be experiencing mental health problems and also looked at the Five Ways to Wellbeing as a way to try to improve their own and friend’s emotional wellbeing. The group discussed celebrities as role models and that how people who are famous or rich can still have mental health problems. They agreed that mental ill health can affect anyone and that it is important to be happy and not compare yourself with others. Recognising symptoms and learning to manage them was acknowledged to be key to living with mental ill health and having a full filling life. This was demonstrated when the clip “Black Dog” was watched by the group. You can watch the clip by following this link.

The group explored ways that may help to decrease the stigma of mental ill health in school and looked at how to improve  understanding of mental health issues such as using posters or school ambassadors giving presentations to their peers.

Pupils at Welling School have now been invited to be creative and use painting, drawing or words to show us what mental health means to them in an art competition. Winners will be announced on 10th October at our Emotional Wellbeing Event, where they will be presented with their certificates and prizes by the mayor of Bexley. 

Healthwatch Bexley would like to thank Welling School and the school ambassadors for working with Healthwatch, to explore the Emotional Wellbeing of Young People. We would particularly like to thank them for their involvement in our Emotional Wellbeing Report which will be available on October 10th.

What are Healthwatch Bexley Youth Champions?

Youth Champions are young people within organisations or schools; that Healthwatch Bexley engages with. We do this so that we can listen to local young people and explore their experiences of local health and social care. These views are important in improving and shaping local services for young people. The feedback and interaction we have with young people gives them a voice making sure their views are represented when decisions are made.

Why do we need Youth Champions?

It is important for young people’s voices to be heard. Some areas of health are of particular concern to young people; such as their emotional wellbeing. Yet many young people do not speak out about their concerns, worries or experiences of health and social care. We use focus groups, questionnaires, workshops and generally chat to young people to find out their views. Young people have also attended an Emotional Wellbeing workshop; so that they feel more confident in recognising and helping peers with emotional problems and signposting to appropriate services. 


Danson Youth Trust

Danson Youth Trust is a vibrant Centre for over 3000 children and young people. With sports, arts and social activities for all ages in a creative and nurturing environment. Danson and its staff strive to help children and young people be safe, happy, and healthy and learn through participation and activity. Activities are for under-five’s, children, pre-teens, teens and young adults. The center offers a full program of activities throughout the year and during the school holidays. Danson Youth Centre offers the following activities:- gymnastics, trampoline, football, drama, badminton, judo, boxing, roller skating. For full details of activities and services available please visit the Danson Youth Trust website :-



 Bexley Young Carers 

Imago Young Carers delivers a support service to anyone aged 

8-18 living in Bexley who is taking on caring responsibilities for a family member with a long-term illness, disability, mental health or substance misuse issue.

The Imago YC Hub is available for you to call 
Monday - Friday 9-5pm to talk about Young Carers’ needs and can provide information, advice and signposting. 

To make a referral please visit our website and select
Bexley Young Carers.

 Tel: 0300 111 111 0

Email hello@bexleyyoungcarers.org.uk

Website www.imago.community 

Twitter @ImagoBexleyYC

Welling School

Our school's vision is to provide an excellent education in a safe, supportive learning environment; one where students are valued and make positive contributions to the school community and prepare for their 'next steps' whether in the world of work, further education, or training.  We are an inclusive school, serving the local community, whereby the Visual Arts Specialism provides a strong focus for the Welling Ways ethos to pervade throughout. 

We are a school which not only focuses on the academic, but also developing the child as a whole person - well rounded; happy; and an integral part of a respected and well-mannered community, regardless of status or age.  We do this through the Welling Ways; 6 core values and personal qualities which we encourage our students to demonstrate throughout their time at Welling School.  These are: 

 Creativity; Collaboration; Communication; Resilience; Organisation; Leadership.






We believe these are the key qualities which employers and universities look for.

We aim to instil students with a love of learning; to prepare them for challenge, but also to embrace change; to teach them to ask questions as well as find answers and to understand that learning should not stop whatever your age!  We are preparing students for life where competition will become more global,  where the influence of technology will mean that change will come ever faster, and where the ability to be flexible, respond to challenge and be emotionally resilient will become ever more important.

Our mission is to achieve high standards and fulfil the expectations of all students of all abilities and from diverse backgrounds by making teaching and learning our focus.  We recognize that if a child is to accomplish those ambitions and improve their life chances it is essential that we work in partnership with parents and carers.

In conclusion through a combination of our innovative, broad curriculum, stimulating learning experiences and a safe learning environment we aim to provide students with the qualifications, skills and values they need to be happy, independent learners who will be able to enjoy their lives now and in the future.

The best way of finding out whether Welling School is right for your child is to view our website (www.wellingschool-tkat.org),our prospectus and/or contact the school direct.


Bexley Youth Council

The Bexley Youth Council is a group of young people from schools across the borough, who work and campaign with the local council and schools to make a change for young people in the community. We have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BexleyYouthCouncil/


Healthwatch Bexley

2A Devonshire Road, Bexleyheath, DA6 8dS

Phone: 0208 304 9344