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Youth Champion’s Emotional Wellbeing Presentation

Healthwatch attend Bexley Youth Council meetings to listen to their voices and learn about health and social care matters that concern young people. After expressing concerns about Young People’s emotional wellbeing, Bexley Youth Council was visited by MIND in Bexley on July 12th, who presented an Emotional Wellbeing session.

Fifteen young people attended the session, which aimed to explore young people’s understanding of Emotional Wellbeing.  The session looked at how to recognise some of the signs of someone experiencing mental health problems and also looked at the Five Ways to Wellbeing as a way to try to improve their own and friend’s emotional wellbeing.

The group took an active part in the session and told us that they felt mental health problems were a big issue for young people. Explaining they often don’t get help as they are scared of not being listened to, not being believed or being accused of faking it or attention seeking.  Understanding that anyone can be affected by mental health issues, they felt that their generation was more understanding and that peers could be very supportive. However, they did recognise and were concerned about young people who may feel isolated and who may not have friends they can talk to. There were also raised concerns about young men who may struggle to talk about their feelings as “boys and men don’t cry”. It was suggested that services available for young people should be promoted more both within and outside of the school environment as they believed many young people did not know where to get help.  

A discussion about the Five Ways To Wellbeing; Connect, Be active, Keep learning, Giving and Taking notice proved interesting, with members of the group telling us about a wide range of activities they took part in such as sailing, knitting and teaching themselves to play an instrument. The group also agreed they could put more emphasis on looking at the little things in life and concentrating on what they have to be happy; not dwelling on what they do not have or what others have.

Healthwatch would like to thank Bexley Youth Council for being Healthwatch Youth Champions and for taking part in this useful and interesting session, and MIND in Bexley for presenting the session.

Healthwatch have recently conducted an Emotional Wellbeing Questionnaire, listening to the voices of over 1,300 young people living in Bexley. The report will be available in September so watch this space.

Comments from Young People who attended

The emotional wellbeing presentation was an incredible opportunity for us as young people to re-evaluate the way we think about mental health; as well as give us a helping hand when thinking about how we can improve our own mental health as well as others. Personally for me, the presentation helped me understand what is means to have good mental health, and how such little things can influence it, enabling me to make changes in my life that have made me and my peers happier and feel more supported. Not only that but the presentation touched upon bad mental health and how as a community we view it, showing how far we’ve improved our idea of and our support for people with bad mental health. Overall, the entire presentation was extremely eye-opening, and I would encourage everyone to participate in Healthwatch Bexley and MIND’s extraordinary plans to bring back more awareness of mental health into schools and into society. 



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